Urbanos que pisan en las cenizas del desamor

Written by on 03/29/2019

Está claro que el amor no dura para siempre, pero hay amoríos que marcan corazones, principalmente cuando se trata de nuestros artistas favoritos.

 In urban music, although there have been few cases, there were romances that when they ended their relationship, many did not believe it because of how they distilled passion. The most striking case was recently that of Mozart La Para and Alexandra, who after 10 years of marriage announced their separation.

Don Miguelo and Paola could be said that they were the pioneers in surprising with their rupture. All in all, Vakeró and Martha Heredia have been the most scandalous in the way they ended.


After making public the harsh process of separation, we have seen how through social networks and other media the public that follows these celebrities directly undermine their feelings by speculating on the reasons why they decide to take different paths, without caring who are involved in this sad reality: Children.

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